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Frequently Asked Questions

Please take a few minutes to look through some of our most commonly asked questions and their answers.

What’s the difference between a canopy and an awning, or is there a difference?

In our industry today, the terms are somewhat interchangeable, dependent upon the project type and/or region of the U.S. that you’re in. But the easiest definition is- a canopy is typically an all-metal, flat structure and an awning has slope or pitch to it and is usually covered with fabric or metal components.

Does an all metal canopy add a lot of weight to the building façade?

While our canopies are fabricated from heavy gauge, extruded aluminum, the overall weight of the finished products vary due to the size of the individual components. But, a “typical” canopy size of 20’ length x 5’ projection, on average weighs less than 300 lbs. , installed.

Is a factory fabricated commercial canopy, expensive?

The short answer- not necessarily. The canopy products are very comparable in the final SF price, but after you ADD the field labor to assemble the bolt together product and then install it, the factory fabricated canopy typically ends up costing less. Not to mention it’s stronger and looks better too.

Do we need special equipment to unload a canopy when it delivers?

Most canopies can be unloaded by 2-4 people (Depending on size) at the delivery site. You should not need any special equipment or even a fork-lift in most cases.

What’s the difference between light gauge aluminum and extruded aluminum canopies?

Roll forming is a faster process that uses less material, which can make it more cost-efficient for very large projects. On the other hand, the roll-forming dies and setup are more complex, more intricate, and thus more expensive.

Most industry experts agree that there are clear advantages to extruded aluminum. For one thing, the dies used in the extruded aluminum process involve a single piece of metal that is simple to fabricate and thus less costly than a roll formed die. The extruded aluminum process also allows the flexibility of adding slots and other openings during production; in roll forming, an additional post-process is required — which adds to the production time and cost.

What is the best paint finish for my canopy?

Powder and PVDF (Kynar) are the two most prevalent finishes used in our industry today. Both are high quality, durable, exterior coatings for aluminum products.

Warranties are available for both finishes.

How long does it usually take to receive a canopy on site?

There are several factors that influence our fabrication and shipping schedules, today’s typical fabrication and delivery time is approximately 3 to 4 weeks.

How difficult is it to install a SkyScape canopy?

The advantages of SkyScape’s fully-welded, extruded aluminum canopies, they arrive on site ready to install, with the exception for a few accessory items (i.e. hanger rods, wall plates), unlike some competitors’ products that must be “put together” on the job site, before installation can take place.

Do you provide installation instructions?

Yes, we do. And because our shipped, ready-to-install products, our typical installation instructions only consist of a few simple steps.

Are there different types of supports for canopies?

Our canopy support types include Hanger-Supported, Post-Supported, and Cantilevered (meaning secured with the building’s blocking and proper fasteners only). We work with you to find the ideal function, style, and design for your project.

At what point/projection does my canopy need support members?

While each canopy is unique in design and functionality, they typical SkyScape canopy may project approximately five feet, before additional support is required.

Are there size limitations for your canopies?

The short answer- no, not really. Although there may not be actual size limitations for our canopies, other factors come into play in designing and fabricating our products. (i.e. support types, loading, etc.)

Can you help me with specifications and details for my project?

We’re happy to help. As a matter of fact, our website offers both a spec builder to create the correct specifications for your project, and typical canopy details are available for our numerous canopy styles.

Do you offer an engineering review of the drawings for proper compliance?

Yes, we do. It is provided through a third-party P.E. (with a nominal fee associated).

Are you a CES provider?

Yes, we are. Both in person & online presentations are available. Please see our Continuing Education Tab on our website.

Do you have stock size canopies, or do you fabricate to project specifics?

SkyScape is proud to offer canopies designed and fabricated to fit your specific needs.

Are you a nationwide supplier?

Yes, we ship our products nationwide via several logistics partners.

Do you install the canopies?

SkyScape is solely a manufacturer, shipping our products nationwide. However, within the southeast, we can provide installation assistance through our sister company, Awnings Above- based out of Atlanta, Georgia.

Can your canopies be installed on homes?

Yes, SkyScape products can be installed on commercial, as well as residential, properties.

Do you sell directly to contractors or do you have distributors?

We currently sell directly to various sources: subcontractors, general contractors, building owners, distributors, and others.

Will your canopies have drainage, or do I need to plan for downspouts, or something else?

Our canopies are typically manufactured with an internal gutter system that utilizes scupper(s) or downspout(s), depending upon the design and function of your project.

With these types of drainage, there are several options available.

Use our free, interactive specification builder to generate canopy specifications for your project, then paste them into your Spec Book.

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