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At SKYSCAPE® Architectural Canopies, we custom build Aluminum Canopies and Sunshades for commercial and industrial businesses to enhance the building entrance, storefront, outside patio, or drive-up location as well as provide shade, cover and protection from rain, snow, and sun. Let our team design the perfect canopy for your location! Visit any of the pages for our canopy styles below to find the ideal style and design for you.


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Architects & Engineers

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General & Subcontactors

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Owners & Facility Managers

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Canopies that set you apart

Our team creates one of a kind custom post and hanger supported canopies for architects, contractors, and properties across the United States. We specialize in producing high quality, pre-welded, and weather resistant canopies and sunshades of all styles. With a variety of styles and colors to choose from we can create a canopy that sets you apart from your competition. Our team has experience working directly with architects and engineers to produce high quality architectural canopies and sunshades for new buildings.

Factory made Vs. Factory assembled

Most canopy companies across the united states market their canopies as factory made. Which only means that they produced all of the parts for the custom canopy. However, these canopies mostly come un-assembled, un-welded, and un-painted. Our experts know this leads to a product that could fail quicker. That's why all of our canopies are factory assembled. Our factory assembled canopies are pre-welded, pre-assembled, and finished in house. Guaranteeing you a a canopy that will last longer and look better than any other canopy on the market.

Skyscape Canopies


We believe that smart canopy solutions start with a dialogue and we welcome any questions or requests you might have.

Skyscape Canopies


We deliver high-quality, pre-welded architectural canopies manufactured to your design and engineering specifications.



We ship our products nationwide via several logistics partners.



We are always proud of our products, our installation partners, and the success of another finished product.

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We have a free to use, online, interactive canopy specification builder that can be used by architects, project managers, or property owners to generate canopy specifications for your project, which can then be used directly in your Spec Book.

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