How Hanger-Supported Sunshades Help to Control Sunlight from Entering

October 20, 2023

Have you ever sat in a building with windows that don’t have shades in the middle of the summer? The sun beating down on you through the glass, and you just want someone to come and block the light? You probably have experienced this annoyance in your life in an office building or a restaurant.  

Even though sunlight is a vital element in our daily lives, excessive sunlight entering a building can cause problems such as heat gain, glare, and fading of furnishings. Hanger-supported sunshades have emerged as a solution to control sunlight from entering a building. 

What are Hanger-Supported Sunshades?

Hanger-supported sunshades are a type of shading device that is hung from the building's exterior. They can be made of different materials such as aluminum, steel, or fabric. They are designed to block or diffuse direct sunlight, reducing heat gain and glare. Capable of withstanding even the harshest weather conditions, they can last years without rusting or corroding.

Hanger-supported sunshades work by controlling the amount of sunlight that enters a building. They can be adjusted to optimize their shading effectiveness based on the sun's angle and position. The orientation of the sunshades can also be optimized to minimize heat gain and glare.

Advantages of Hanger-Supported Sunshades

Hanger-supported sunshades offer many advantages for controlling sunlight from entering a building. One of the primary benefits is the reduction of heat gain. By blocking direct sunlight, hanger-supported sunshades can significantly reduce the amount of heat that enters a building. This, in turn, can improve energy efficiency and lower cooling costs.

Another advantage is the enhanced comfort for building occupants. Hanger-supported sunshades reduce glare, which can cause eye strain and discomfort for occupants. They also help to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, which can improve occupant productivity and well-being.

Hanger-supported sunshades are also aesthetically pleasing. They can be designed in different shapes, sizes, and colors to complement the building's architecture and style.

How Hanger-Supported Sunshades Control Sunlight from Entering

Hanger-supported sunshades control sunlight from entering a building by adjusting its position and orientation. They can be designed to block direct sunlight at certain times of the day, based on the sun's angle and position. For example, a building located in a hot climate may require sunshades that block direct sunlight during the hottest part of the day.

Hanger-supported sunshades can also be designed with different types of shading devices, such as louvers, fins, or mesh screens. These shading devices can be adjusted to control the amount of sunlight that enters the building while still allowing natural light to enter.

Advanced controls and automation can also be incorporated into hanger-supported sunshades to optimize their shading effectiveness. For example, sensors can detect the amount of sunlight and adjust the position and orientation of the sunshades accordingly.

Installation and Maintenance of Hanger-Supported Sunshades

Proper installation is critical for ensuring the effectiveness of hanger-supported sunshades. They must be securely attached to the building's exterior to withstand wind and other environmental conditions. Regular maintenance is also required to ensure the sunshades continue to function properly.

The lifespan of hanger-supported sunshades can vary depending on the material and design. Aluminum sunshades can last up to 20 years, while fabric sunshades may need to be replaced every 7-10 years.

Cost considerations should also be taken into account when considering hanger-supported sunshades. While they can provide significant benefits in terms of energy efficiency and comfort, the initial cost of installation and maintenance should be weighed against the potential long-term cost savings.

Skyscapes Sunshades

Hanger-supported sunshades are an effective solution for controlling sunlight from entering a building. They offer many advantages, including reducing heat gain, improving energy efficiency, enhancing comfort for building occupants, and providing an aesthetically pleasing design. With proper installation and maintenance, hanger-supported sunshades can provide.

Our canopies are fabricated to utilize the trusted strength and durability of extruded aluminum components. The canopies are capable of lasting through some of the harshest weather conditions and are designed to last for many years without any chance of rusting or corroding. When combined with our completely welded manufacturing, the installation process is much simpler which will help ensure a high-quality product with a quick installation time.

Request a quote or call us here at Skyscape and we can have the sunshade delivered to the site ready to install, with the exception of a few accessory items (i.e. hanger rods, wall plates), unlike some other products on the market that must be assembled or put together on the job site, before installation can take place.

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