The Value of Architectural Canopies in Elevating Brand Images

September 20, 2022

In a new or renovated commercial building, an architectural aluminum canopy fulfills important functions. It can serve as an eye-catching identifier, readily distinguishing the building even on the busiest, bustling city block. It also serves to provide shade and protect occupants, visitors and passers-by from rain, snow, and the hot summer sun.

But an architectural aluminum canopy’s most important role and function is the power it has to enhance the overall image of the retail or corporate brand presence — or else to conflict with and visually sabotage that brand identity. Which will it be? It all depends on good design.

In designing an architectural canopy, thought should be given the brand’s logo, colors, look and feel, etc., in addition to the building’s structural design. When form follows function, the public will begin associating a creatively designed canopy with the brand.

The good news is that architectural canopy solutions are limited only by the limits of creativity. Extruded aluminum canopy systems can create a signature design solution, with differentiation, personalization, enhanced function, and greater impact. And the extruded aluminum process — with its low tooling costs and fast turnaround times — is ideal for virtually any solution. A carefully designed canopy can become a strong signature feature that complements the company’s logo and signage, showcases the building entrance, and in general brings uniqueness, personalization, and enhanced value.

At SKYSCAPE®, we take pride in the level of design assistance we provide. We can configure an architectural canopy system based on most design concepts and size needs, load and engineering requirements. Plus, our wide selection of standard profiles, design options and finishes gives you the flexibility to enhance virtually any architectural aesthetic.

Let’s talk today about what you have in mind and how we can help.

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