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Welcome to the SkyScape® Architectural Canopies blog, your source of inspiration and education about metal building canopies. Whether you're an architect, engineer, general contractor, or property manager, you'll find everything you want to know about designing, installing, and owning an architectural canopy system. We'll continuously update the blog with the latest news, helpful tips, and interesting stories, so check back regularly!

Extruded vs. Roll Formed Aluminum Architectural Canopies: The Pros and Cons

If you are new to the world of metal canopy manufacture, you may be wondering whether roll formed or extruded aluminum fabrication would be best for your canopy system. Whether you are a contractor, architect, building manager or business owner, factors such as strength, material cost, and production time come into play — and may be of most concern to you.

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The Value of Architectural Canopies in Elevating Brand Images

In a new or renovated commercial building, an architectural canopy fulfills important functions. It can serve as an eye-catching identifier, readily distinguishing the building even on the busiest, bustling city block. It also serves to protect occupants, visitors and passers-by from rain, snow, and the hot summer sun.

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