At SKYSCAPE® Architectural Canopies, we custom build aluminum canopies and sunshades for commercial and industrial businesses to enhance the building entrance, storefront, outside patio, or drive-up location as well as provide shade, cover and protection from rain, snow, and sun. Let our team design the perfect canopy for your location! Visit any of the pages for our canopy styles below to find the ideal style and design for you.

All of our canopies are fabricated in our shop using extruded aluminum components which have unbeatable strength and incredible durability. The canopies are capable of standing up to some of the harshest weather conditions, and they can last for many years without rusting or corroding. In addition to that, since all of our manufactured canopies are welded, not thru-fastened, when it comes time to install them on the building the process is much simpler and it helps us ensure the product is the highest quality and easy to install.


Hanger Supported

SKYSCAPE® hanger-supported canopies enhance the surrounding architecture and can help highlight signage and brand awareness. The support hangers and wall mounting plates can be designed to enhance a façade and lend distinction to any building entrance or storefront.


The design of our cantilevered canopies eliminates the need for hanger supports and allows flexibility in multiple wall and building conditions. Canopies distinguish a building’s entry and façade with a clean, streamlined look, enhance the surrounding architecture and can help highlight signage and brand awareness.


Post Supported

SKYSCAPE® post-supported canopies provide an attractive building entry and allow for greater projection from the building to offer weather protection for customers and employees. The design eliminates the need for hanger supports and allows flexibility with multiple wall and building conditions, along with a variety of post and column style options.


An arched canopy provides a unique eyebrow type shape to accentuate and enhance the entrance to your building. With the options to have different types of supports, or none at all, an arched entrance will certainly add another level of customization to your location.



Curved canopies project farther away from the building in the center and pull in closer on the sides. This allows us to have a greater overall projection for the canopy while providing protection from the elements from your visitors. You can choose different support options for curved canopies to add a unique entrance to your building.


SKYSCAPE® Architectural Canopies are available in a variety of profiles and styles, including custom canopies designed and built specifically for your needs. The sky is the limit — if you can dream it, we can create it! Whatever your design needs, size specifications, load configurations, and engineering requirements, our configuration experts will help you create a unique architectural canopy system.

All of our custom canopies are pre-welded and engineered using extruded aluminum components to ensure long-lasting strength and durability. And with a wide selection of shapes and finishes to choose from, we offer the flexibility to complement any building aesthetic.