Post Supported Sunshades

October 20, 2023

When you want to add something to your building to protect it from the glare and heat, post supported sunshades are an attractive choice. It’s worthwhile to consider this style of canopy for the exterior of your property for many reasons. A professional can help you make a decision on which style is best to suit your needs after a discussion to determine a few key aspects of your vision for your sunshades. 

How Aluminum Sunshades Benefit Your Company 

Have you ever thought about having sunshades installed on your commercial building? This is an important matter and one that you should spend some time thinking about, weighing the benefits of different types. The one thing for certain is that sunshades provide you with great advantages. 

  1. Style 

Aluminum is a material that can be quite attractive. They are sleek and have a modern look, with a nice shine to them. They can come in different colors with a powder coating that offers abrasion and chemical resistance, durability, a broad range of special effects and color gloss, and flexibility with high impact resistance. You can request a custom designed sunshade that complements the surroundings of your building or to reflect your brand’s image. 

  1. Shade and Protection 

Your sunshade will be a hit when you have clients and customers waiting outside on a hot day or when it’s rainy. Even if there’s no weather emergency, this covering will offer people more incentive to stop by even if they may have to wait outdoors for a short while. This is a great fixture to have if you run a restaurant, hotel, entertainment center, or some other business in the public service industry. 

In addition to this, you’ll see a reduced cooling load for your building. This means that you’ll save on energy since you won’t have to use your HVAC system as often to cool your building. 

  1. Allow in Natural Light

When you want some protection from glare and heat yet don’t want to lose out on that natural light source, aluminum is a wonderful option. When you have a sunshade that’s supported by posts, you won’t need hanger supports that need to be attached to the building. They allow you to have flexibility when it comes to your building conditions. Make sure that you go with a company that gives you a selection of column and post styles from which you can choose. 

  1. Strength and Durability

With aluminum, your covering has more strength and greater durability overall. It will be resistant to bending, breaking, and cracking. It is sure to hold up to extreme elements such as the snow, heavy rain, and wild wind. This is ideal as it protects the value of your property and helps you save money in the long run. 

A Quality Welded Product 

The post supported sunshades you get from SKYSCAPE are welded instead of being thru-fastened. This means that the different parts hold up well together and you can rest easy that your canopy is going to withstand the test of time. Field installation is an easier process with a welded sunshade, so you know you’ll have a quality product and you won’t need to call and request service or a replacement shortly after installation. 

How to Select a Post Supported Sunshade You’ll Love

It can be overwhelming to think about getting a sunshade, especially if you’ve never shopped around for canopies before. You’ll want to look at image galleries and read descriptions of various styles before you decide which you’ll choose. You don’t want to make a hasty choice and end up with something that really doesn’t suit your building or property at all. 

Speak to a Representative 

If you’ve decided it’s time to order a sunshade, reach out to the professionals at SKYSCAPE today. You won’t regret it, as our sales specialists are knowledgeable and work hard to provide you with a top notch customer service experience. We’ll ensure that you feel comfortable and get to provide us with all the details of your building as well as what you envision for your exterior. We know you want to have something you’ll love for years, and that you want to impress your customers. 

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