Cantilever Curved Canopies Installation

October 20, 2023

Cantilevered curved canopies are perfect for exiting architectural structures and completing an overall exterior design. They are easier to install and maintain than traditional hangar-supported canopies. Additionally, they offer more variety and visual appeal. Keep reading to find out more about Skyscape cantilevered curved canopies and how they can benefit your business.

Cantilever Canopy Structural Design

Cantilever canopies are secured to the building using special hardware rather than using posts or hangars. The installation of cantilever curved canopies is quick and easy. Additionally, they are solid and durable because they are made from extruded aluminum that can withstand just about any weather year-round. They resist rusting and deterioration, which makes them an excellent investment, unlike traditional fabric canopies or other vulnerable materials. These welded sections make the installation process easy and hassle-free for your business. 

Business owners who want to make a visual impact and provide a secure addition to their external structures can depend on this versatile canopy style to make the impact they want without the drawbacks of conventional types. It's a solid investment that pays off. 

Why Skyscape Cantilever Curved Canopies? 

Skyscape offers the best cantilever curved canopies on the market today. It's a simple solution that adds appeal and efficiency to your storefront or entrance. It's perfect for providing protection or simply adding dimension and contrast. They are also ideal for offering protection from the weather and the elements to any of your customers or guests. 

These curved canopies are also ideal for helping frame and customize your business signage or other advertisements. Get a clean and professional look with Skyscape canopies. Reach out to them today to find out how they can help you get the canopy you need for your home or business. 


The installation process is very quick and straightforward. A short video explains exactly how the installation process transpires directly on the Skyscape website. The cantilevered curved canopy comes 90% complete from the factory, so the installation is simple and requires less time and effort. You simply attach the anchors and the canopy with the fasteners. Once the support is in place, you add the Capone sections and fasten them in place. It doesn't take in-depth experience to accomplish the installation process. 

More Reasons to Choose a Curved Cantilevered Canopy

Rather than choosing a curved fabric or canopy, the cantilevered curved canopy can easily conform to the curved shape of your business space without wearing out or tearing over the years. Its all-metal design is rugged, ensures it looks great and protects your patrons in all weather conditions. Additionally, these canopies are lightweight and only weigh, on average, around 300 pounds. The lighter weight helps them stay securely in place without putting unnecessary tension on the fasteners and makes putting them in position a breeze. 

When you order your canopy, you can quickly unload it and transport it with 2 to 4 people without having to use any equipment in most instances. The ordering process and delivery only take three to four weeks to complete, and complete installation instructions are included with the order. Another excellent feature of these canopies is their built-in scuppers or drainage systems that prevent water from falling from the edges of the canopies to help keep everyone dry at the entrance. These canopies are also ideal for use in private residences to help them have an extra layer of sophistication and appeal and add to the functionality. 

Creating Your Canopy

Creating your own customized canopy is fast and easy. Simply go to the Skyscape website and click the tools section. There, you'll find a spec builder that allows you to enter your specific details, and there is even a color chart to help you envision which colors work the best for your exterior. There is top-notch support waiting to assist you with any questions or help you get the right design, size, and features needed for your order. 


Rather than spending money on a fabric canopy that doesn't offer complete protection from the elements and will need to be replaced in a shorter time frame, invest in top-quality Skyscape cantilevered curved canopies. They are constructed from superior materials and designed to offer protection and support over the years. Each product's attention to detail and craftsmanship will help your space stand out while being functional and aesthetically pleasing. Contact Skyscape today to find out more. 

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