Reasons to Install an Architectural Canopy at Your Business

October 20, 2023

One of the ways to make your business eye-catching and unlike the others is to incorporate new, exciting architectural features. Making changes to the exterior that add function and style helps your business stand out from the others. For example, an architectural canopy or sunshade over the entrance is a unique way to create visual interest while increasing the overall functionality of your exterior space. The addition of covered outdoor space allows you set up a small sitting area, or create a more attractive and inviting space. In areas where outdoor space is at a premium, the addition of this small, covered space can be a big incentive to you as a business owner.

Accent Your Business with Architectural Canopy systems                                                                                                

Architectural canopy systems are great for commercial spaces and large corporate buildings of all design, style and size Creative and unique business owners are incorporating these durable coverings into their exteriors to protect the structure from the elements in a stylish way. Some advantages of installing an architectural canopy structure or a sunshade  include:

  • Protection from the elements: A canopy blocks the sun, rain, or snow from your front door and the landing in front of it. This helps preserve the cleanliness and safety of the entrance to your business, especially on cold winter days when the outside surface can become icy and slick. It creates a safe and inviting space for your customers to enter your place of business. 
  • Provide an outside space: If your business is one where you would like to provide a small outdoor space for your customers, it can add protection for planter boxes or outdoor furniture. You can choose tinted glass to provide shade, or select a canopy that tilts away from the structure to stop rain from gathering.
  • Streamline maintenance and cleaning: Architectural canopies are made to last and treated before they leave the factory to stop rust and corrosion. This ensures they will look good for a long time to come. You can choose to have the aluminum parts of the canopy painted in a solid color that matches your business design. This paint is applied through powder coating, a temperature-based process that helps the paint stay in place much longer than regular painting methods.  
  • Increase the value of the business: The addition of an aluminum canopy or sunshade increases the curb appeal of your place of business and makes it look more appealing to visitors and potential customers.

You can choose from a range of canopy and sunshade styles, including:

  • Hanger supported: These architectural canopy systems and sunshades use wall-mounted plates with metal hanger poles to keep the canopy in place. The industrial, modern look of this kind of sunshade makes it ideal for modern or urban designs.  
  • Cantilevered: Cantilevered canopies do not use hangers or obvious supports to keep the canopy itself in place. This gives a more modern, streamlined look adding a striking architectural feature to help your business stand out.
  • Post supported: Columns help to keep these canopies in place, making them ideal for businesses located in areas that receive a lot of rain or snow. The added support ensures that the canopy remains in place no matter how much weight is placed on it or how strong wind gusts get.  
  • Arched: The semi-circle shape of these canopies helps them draw the eye upward, making your business look taller and more inviting.
  • Curved: A curved canopy has a subtle bend to it. This makes the middle of the canopy slightly different in size and angle than the sides. It provides character and style.
  • Custom: A custom-created canopy is designed based on your input to match the design and feel of the business. Using engineering skills, our team can create the ideal canopy to match your vision, incorporating aluminum, glass, and other materials to make it one of a kind.  

If you are interested in having a canopy or sunshade installed at your place of business, contact Skyscape Architectural Canopies today to begin the process. Factory-assembled sunshades are available for delivery across the United States, and our team is happy to help you design or select the right one for your business to provide style and functionality!

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