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Cantilevered Arched Canopies

SkyScape® cantilevered arched canopies, a curved canopy in elevation, can add a dramatic element to the most common building or storefront. The cantilevered design eliminates the need for hanger supports and allows flexibility in multiple wall and building conditions.

Cantilevered Arched Canopy

SkyScape canopies are fabricated using extruded aluminum components for unbeatable strength and durability. Capable of withstanding even the harshest weather conditions, they can last years without rusting or corroding. And because our manufactured canopies are welded, not thru-fastened, field installation is simplified to ensure a top-quality product with a fast completion time.

Cantilevered Sunshade

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    Cantilevered Arched

    Retail, Entrance

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